June 21/16 Update

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Corn is moving right along and most rows are filling in. Starting to see plants with bleached leaves at top of the plant over the weekend. That is rapid growth syndrome. Chlorophyll production cannot keep up with the rapid growth of the corn. Usually happens around V9-V11  (9-11 leaves). Leaves will green up in a couple of days. For most part the corn crop locally looks very good

Winter wheat has lost its green colour harvest should be ready in another month. If you have some nasty perennial weeds like bindweed, preharvest burn down is one of the best times to control as well as speed up harvesting. There is going to be a lot of straw to go through the combine and it is amazing how a burn down can get more acres per hour though a machine. Wheat crop looks impressive.

Soybeans are anywhere from just emerging to flowering. Most of beans are at V3 to V4 ( three to four trifoliates). In general no till soybeans are half to one full trifoliate behind conventional till beans planted at same time. S03W4, S07M8 and OAC Strives were starting to flower in our Hensall plot yesterday. Seeing a fair bit of seed corn maggot damage this year and as a result of some root feeding, secondary root rot infection is setting in. This is seen when plants emerged are wilting and dying. If you pull the plants they have limited root system.  Biggest thing right now is to get fields sprayed for weed escapes.  With lack of rainfall, weed control has been variable. Keep an eye out for nightshade tends to come late and is a big ppoblem in IP soybeans. 

Going forward if it stays dry we will need to watch out for spider mites as they move into soybeans under dry conditions. They tend to show up first along areas were grass is cut short (ie. lawns).  Manganese can possibly show up. It is a water soluble nutrient and as things get drier beans will turn yellow. On muck soil this is an annual event. Last couple things is ever present aphids but have not seen any yet.  As for sclerotinia ( white mold) if it stays dry it will be a non issue. If starts to get wet and there is history of mold on a field, spray with a approved fungicide at the start of flowering.

Wayne Wheeler - CCA-ON


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